What is JavaScript and why we use JavaScript.

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What is JavaScript

JavaScript is Programming languages  that are use in web development mobile application (react native) also use in desktop application (Electron js).

Who Created JavaScript?

In 1905 Brendan Eich created JavaScript  during the of Netscape communications.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<h2>What is JavaScript</h2>

<button type="button"
onclick="document.getElementById('demo').innerHTML = Date()">
 Find Date&Time using javascript.</button>

<p id="demo"></p>


In this tutorial You will learn basic to advance concept of JavaScript .

Why Programmer use JavaScript.

There are main 3 language in all over web development.


Html use  define the template and content of web page.


Css is define the layout of web page how its looks.


The main language is JavaScript that define the behavior  of web pages.

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